Meir Ezra Blog: Are You Ready To Conquer The Money Maze?

Meir Ezra - Are You Controlling Money or Is Money Controlling You?


Signs Money Is Controlling You:

  • You often wish you could buy more things
  • Your want to get rich, but you have no realistic plan
  • You blame others for your financial problems (government, boss, spouse)
  • You use credit to buy things that decrease in value, such as expensive cars or expensive clothing
  • Money controls your mood - you feel good or bad based on your finances


Signs You Are Controlling Money:

  • You invest in yourself, such as more education or personal improvement
  • You buy things that increase in value
  • You donate to causes you believe in, even if just small amounts
  • Each year, your earning power improves and financial worth increases
  • You use money as a tool to realize your dreams


Once you know how to control money, your life will change!

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